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By: Maase Olam

Chevrutot by Kendre Werner

Every Tuesday, our group has the opportunity to learn about and discuss a variety of issues concerning Israeli society.  The past four Chavrutas have exposed us to various cultures within Israel via speakers, film, food,  discussion, and more.  ...

By: Maase Olam

My Return to Israel by Shirah Hill-Cohen


This year I am participating in the Ma’ase Olam teaching fellows program in Rehovot, Israel. For me, this is a return to living in Israel. Five years of my childhood were spent living on a kibbutz in southern Israel called Kibbutz Ketura. The Kibbutz was made up of about 400...

By: Maase Olam

Rehovot MITF Thanksgiving Dana Schwartz



Thanksgiving was a fun and eventful time for all involved. We were lucky enough to have been provided with a turkey and given the day off to prepare for a traditional thanksgiving meal. Myself and two other fellows, Alyssa and Lauren, began to prep...

By: Maase Olam

Three Deserts, Two Nights, One Masa  Lily Lerner

Last week our group of teaching fellows traveled to the south of Israel for our first trip, or “tiyul” in Hebrew. We boarded the bus bright and early Monday morning and began our journey. Along with the fellows, a wonderful tour guide named Yinon, a bus driver named Joshua, and a medic...

By: Maase Olam

Masa Leadership Seminar Marla Topoil

Communication, togetherness, and learning filled the Masa Global Leadership Summit. Participants of this Summit came from all of Masa’s programs. Members were encouraged to work together not necessarily to solve problems, but to learn how to diagnostically evaluate problems through a method they...

By: Maase Olam

Masa Mega event by Becca Gulino

Imagine this- you’re in a giant auditorium with easily a thousand strangers. You sit in a row of seats with your peers on your Masa program that you’ve spent the last two months with, and the people behind you are speaking Russian and the people in front of you are speaking...

By: Maase Olam

Here we have a summary of one of our latest Ma'ase Olam Enrichment days! 


Our day started off with a visit to Dell/EMC. ...

By: Maase Olam


by Naomi Lieberman


Growing up attending pluralistic Jewish day schools, I was always well aware of the multitude of ways to practice Judaism. 


By: Maase Olam

An American's dummy guide to living in Israel by Marla Topiol


What Happens When American Jews Move to Israel?


Stages of Learning Hebrew


1. Speaking to everyone in English-hoping for the best. ...

By: Lauren Wachspress

Real World: Rehovot...A Jersey Jew's Take


This is the true story, of fifteen strangers, picked to live in an apartment, work together, and have their lives recorded. Find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real… The Real World Rehovot!

By Lauren...