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By: Maase Olam


by Naomi Lieberman


Growing up attending pluralistic Jewish day schools, I was always well aware of the multitude of ways to practice Judaism. 


By: Maase Olam

An American's dummy guide to living in Israel by Marla Topiol


What Happens When American Jews Move to Israel?


Stages of Learning Hebrew


1. Speaking to everyone in English-hoping for the best. ...

By: Lauren Wachspress

Real World: Rehovot...A Jersey Jew's Take


This is the true story, of fifteen strangers, picked to live in an apartment, work together, and have their lives recorded. Find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real… The Real World Rehovot!

By Lauren...

By: Maase Olam

During the day Rehovot is a very bustling city, but at night it turns into a student's town with really great local bars. Here is the rundown of my favorites.


By: Maase Olam

By Amanda Gold

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through their stomach…well the fastest way to make me feel home is through mine. Here are my top 5 favorite restaurants in Rehovot Israel. Home never tasted so good!







By: Maase Olam

From Jewish New Year to American New Year


By Melanie Ginsburg

Being in Israel as an American Jew means many things. It means I can’t always communicate effectively with the bus drivers. It means that I can easily buy delicious chocolate, hummus or schnitzel whenever I want. It means I can wear shorts in December because, unlike my hometown Minneapolis, there isn’t snow...

By: Maase Olam

Our latest Sunday tiyul took us to Beit Zarzir, an Arab regional council situated south east of Haifa and the Carmel Mountains in the outskirts of the valley of Israel (Eretz Israel).

Coming from birthright, one develops a particular picturesque view...

By: Maase Olam

Part of the Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship is to take fellows on trips, or tiyulim, across the country, but often with a focus on the poorer socio-economic regions in what is broadly termed as the periphery of Israeli society. It thus seems only appropriate to start our first daylong tiyul...

By: Maase Olam

Teaching in Israel, or in any foreign country for that matter, can feel like emotional jenga. The responsiveness of those rare, enthusiastic students will send you skipping down the streets, rushing home to plan your next lesson, convinced that your ideas as an educator are the Jewish State’s most valuable imports since mazgan and sunblock.

But the lows are, conversely, pretty low....

By: Maase Olam

You'd think an American biology nerd would be superfluous in a country rife with Nobel Prize winners, globally lauded science institutions, and technological innovations galore. But despite Israel's reputation as a leading nation in biotechnology, crystallography and physics, science education is not readily accessible to all sectors of Israel's population. For this reason, Yale-bound Tara...